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A Message from the President - Dave Goodin

First of all, I want to express my deepest sympathy to Bill’s immediate family: Kim, Kaelie, Michael, and Patrick. My love and sincere condolences goes out to them and his large extended family.
Bill has been like a brother to me over the past 32 years. We have experienced so many things over the past 3 decades. We have shared the best of what life has to offer as well as some very difficult moments in time. We went to high school together, followed similar initial paths into the US Army, mourned the death of his first son and his beloved “Ma”, graduated from the same college, stood-up at each other’s wedding, started our first real estate company together, had children at about the same time together, and we were together to the very end of Bill’s life here on Earth.
How I will always remember Bill, he was a unique person (one of the most unique individuals I have ever met.) Funny, determined, focused, busy, and stubborn, willing to go further and try harder than most, competitive, big-hearted, smart, successful, and noble.
Bill approached me only weeks ago with a surprise request… We met in his home office after work on Friday, January 10th. He asked me so many questions about my work and what specifically I do at work, just like Bill to be ever so curious. He then dropped a “bombshell” question on me. He was very candid that he did not have much time left here on Earth. He indicated the doctors estimated a few months and maybe less if a blood clot or an emergency situation arose. He then asked me to take over his role as President of Monopoly I and carry on his mission and legacy.
I was floored by both! I knew he had been battling cancer for almost a year now, and I always prayed and hoped that he would be able to beat it and continue onward with his life. I also knew that he had grown his part-time real estate venture into a real business. However, I did not see his proposal coming and I did not know how to respond. We discussed matters in detail; I discussed these matters with my family, I prayed to God, and on Sunday the 12th I did accept his offer.
What Bill shared with me: He wants Monopoly to continue forward on its mission. He wants the company to be a legacy to future generations. He wants it to provide an excellent means for the common man or woman to be a part of a real estate company. He wants it to generate distributions and provide a solid rate-of-return over the next decade. He asked me to help lead the company over the next 10 years or so, until the next generation is ready to carry the torch. He asked me to complete his vision of a $10 Million company with a cap limit on 100 families/share members. He told me the team he has assembled is a truly great team, and that they would rally and move forward.
2014 Succession Plans:
Replacing Bill is impossible. He did so many things for this company; wore so many different hats, and brought most, if not all of the share members together. However, Bill did provide us a detailed plan as well as his instructions to continue the mission. With the help of the Advisory Board we have the below plan in place.
Bill held the following positions:                                                Succession Plan:
President                                                                            Dave Goodin
SVP – Chief Financial Officer                                       Kim Holstine
VP – REIT Portfolio Manager                                       Pending – no decision has yet been made
Bookkeeper and Accounting                                       Kim Holstine
All other positions will remain as they are. We have a tremendous team and local ownership on-site in Joplin, MO. Woodrow Friel has been involved in all of these discussions as well and he is committed to the same vision. I want to personally thank “Woody” for the ability to manage all of the day-to-day operations for Monopoly while battling the desire to be by Bill’s side over the past weeks.
2014 Objectives Defined: not in any particular order
1.       Attract additional share members to continue the mission to 100 families
2.       Focus on debt reduction and lower interest expenses
3.       Continue to look for solid opportunities to purchase hard assets (Property)
4.       Continue to invest in our current properties
5.       Continue to increase Funds From Operation (FFO)
6.       Maintain the REIT Portfolio – no plans to grow this portfolio in 2014
What we ask of you as share members:
1.       Pray for Bill’s family
2.       Pray for us as we quickly get up-to-speed on so many items
3.       Allow us some time to grieve for the loss of Bill
4.       Allow us some time to work together and communicate our plans for 2014 and beyond
5.       Stay the course
6.       Help us attract like-minded investors to Monopoly I

God Bless,
Dave Goodin - President
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